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Furevik is new Director
After thirteen years as the BCCR director, Eystein Jansen passes the baton to Tore Furevik. 
Eystein Jansen has decided that the time is ripe to step aside from the leading position as the Director of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) in Bergen, Norway. 

”It has been a true pleasure to have been a part in establishing and building up the Bjerknes Centre to what it is and stands for. The Centre is well respected internationally and very visible nationally. Its success is due to a highly talented pool of people from the partner institutions, which enables us to collaborate and carry out research in the forefront of climate science”, Eystein Jansen communicates to the Bjerknes community.  

Jansen will still have an active role at the Bjerknes Centre, both as a researcher and as a strategic adviser: ”I look forward to publishing on old ideas and work on new ideas in our new ERC “Ice2Ice” project. Also, I will continue to Tweet, help out on some strategic initiatives and also be involved in planning the UiB cross-campus climate initiative.” 

Takes over an attractive research centre 
Tore Furevik has been vice director at the Bjerknes Centre for several years, before he now is taking over as Director. Furevik is also Director of Centre for Climate Dynamics (SKD) at the Bjerknes Centre and the National research school in climate dynamics - ResClim.

”Eystein Jansen has done a splendid job in building up the Bjerknes Centre to become the largest climate research centre in the Nordic countries on the natural science aspects of climate change. We see that Bergen has become an attractive place to come for both established researchers and young research talents from all over the world,” Furevik says.  

Easier organisational structure
The four partners in the Bjerknes Centre, the University of Bergen, Uni Research, Institute of Marine Research and Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre will continue their cooperation on climate research in the Bjerknes Centre. From 2014 the Centre’s organisational structure will also be simplified. The SKD and BCCR will merge so there will be only one board, one director and one leader group. 

The University of Bergen is also starting to refurbish the west wing of the Institute of Geophysical building, were the climate researchers in the BCCR, today spread over several buildings, in few years will be offered a common work environment. 

Furevik looks forward to coming years with good financial backing from in-kind and government funding, as well as a large number of new research projects starting up:
 ”We certainly have some exiting years ahead of us.”

Last update: 30.12.2013

Eystein Jansen, Professor of Marine Geology, University of Bergen 

Tore Furevik, Professor of Physical Oceanography, University of Bergen

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The Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research is coordinated by the University of Bergen in cooperation with the Institute of Marine Research, the Nansen Center and Uni Research.